Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sustainability Film / Workshop Series for Winter 2010 -- New Time!

Consciousness: Films and Workshops to Change the World, a quarterly series about becoming more sustainable is back with a brand new lineup!

The series will move from Sunday evenings to every Wednesday at Noon with a repeat session at 5:30 from January 13th to February 24th in the Friends of the Libraries Room on the third floor of Alden Library. 

Wed. January 13 at Noon & 5:30 Film
Everything's Cool will show that despite a veritable mountain of evidence Climate Change continues to be at the center of controversy.

Wed. January 20th at Noon & 5:30 Workshop
Learn how to take your impact into your own hands with Ron Young's presentation Reducing Home Energy Use.
Wed. January 27th at Noon & 5:30 Film
We will look at Peak Oil and investigate the changing landscape during the End of Suburbia.
Wed. February 3rd at Noon & 5:30 Workshop
Learn about Transition Town and how we can use it build locally resilient networks to help fight against Climate Change and Peak Oil in an impacting presentation by Benjamin Shender.
Wed. February 10th at Noon & 5:30 Film
The Story of Stuff takes us on a whirlwind tour of where our stuff comes from and where it goes.
Wed. February 17th at Noon & 5:30 Workshop
From compost to clothes drying, the Ohio University Office of Sustainability Eco-Reps will show you how to save the planet from the comfort of your room in our final workshop of the quarter Living Green in an OU Dorm.
Wed. February 17th at Noon & 5:30 Film
Ending Consciousness for this quarter, Buyer Be Fair will talk about the benefits and opportunities represented by the fair trade movement.

All students, faculty, staff and community are invited.  Bring something to eat, bring a friend, and bring your questions for our discussion to follow! Brought to you by the Alden Library Sustainability Group at Ohio University.